Yielding better Agronomy

Agronomy Services

Your crops deserve the best in fertiliser and agronomy support. We develop personalised crop and whole farm management strategies alongside fertiliser and agronomy analysis. Our agronomy expert will create specific programs to suit your individual needs, which are analysed annually, seasonally or monthly depending on your needs.

Crop Knowledge

Our agronomist understands yield expectations for your crop and location for the best application of farm planning.

Soil & Leaf Analysis

Working with the samples from your farm, we can analyse exactly what programs are required to yield the best results for your business.

Customised Fertiliser & Spray Programs

Once tested, your soil, water and plant tissue highlights to our agronomist what specific programs can be created for the best outcomes.

What you get


We have a wide range of products from all the major manufacturers for agronomy services available in-store.

Our Process

Collection & Analysis

Your agronomist will visit your property and take time to understand the goals and expectations you have. Collections of samples of soil, plant tissue, water and roots are taken for an initial analysis.

Program Recommendations

After analysing your farm’s soil, water and leaf results, Farmlink Rural will then put together a program recommendation that assesses:


  1. Nutrient requirements
  2. Plant yield
  3. Varietals
  4. Pest and disease management

Management Tools & Advice

Once you have agreed to the program recommendations, we will then organise and assist you in the following:


  1. Spray and fertiliser programs
  2. Soil Mapping
  3. On farm trials
  4. Spatial data collection (NDVI)
  5. Weather monitoring


Throughout our service, your Farmlink Rural Agronomist will be available for site visits and phone/email assistance.

Consultancy on a Range of Crops

Ongoing consultancy for your:


  1. Avocados
  2. Truffles
  3. Pome & Stone fruit
  4. Vineyards
  5. Citrus
  6. Potatoes
  7. Brassicas
  8. Hemp
  9. Pasture

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